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Lambretta tuning

MB Developments are perhaps best known for their Lambretta tuning work and Mark Broadhurst can be credited with inventing many of the tuning conversions that are widely used today.
The quality of our tuning work can not only shown to be proven on the race-track, sprinting 1/4 mile or the dyno but most importantly on the road where hundreds of happy MB developments customers use their tuned scooters daily.
There is a popular misconception that tuned Lambrettas are unreliable but when built the MB developments way using top quality parts and with the back-up of many years experience the finished product should run for many years, starting on the first kick or two.

Since this site began in April 2000 we have received a steady stream of enquiries which basically boils down the question "I want my Lambretta to go faster, what are my options?".
These queries often involve a lot of e-mails going back and forth to answer the query or a long phone call helping the customer, which keeps us away from someone else's engine or barrel!

To help you, the customer, find out what you can do with your Lambretta Mark has put in a lot of time writing this Lambretta tuning section. We hope it "arms" you with the knowledge to help you decide what you want to do with your Lambretta. Please do feel free to e-mail us with queries that are not covered in this section as we may have missed out things that seem obvious to us because we think about them day in day out.

The headings for the sections are hopefully self explanatory. You will find a lot of duplication in the 125/150/175cc section as a lot of things are the same but a lot are specific to the 175cc engines.

Please E-mail us with any questions or comments.