Lambrettas for sale


As of June 2007 we have no project scooters for sale! We do not currently have plans to get any more.

. We had a couple of batches of Indian Lambrettas. They were slower to sell than we expected (possibly because every Tom, Dick and Harry is doing the same thing).

We were getting a good supply of Italian Lambrettas but they were getting more and more scarce and the prices we getting silly so we are not getting any more of those either.

We are leaving the pictures here for historic interest but please note, as above, we do not have any scooters for sale.

The Indian GP Lambrettas are coming in as a small batch 25 scooters, due early April. We are selling them as restoration projects as it is best to call them that than to assume they will go straight on the road with a new spark plug!

Many places list ways to build your own GP in kit form using new frames and bodywork parts.
The downside of this method is that the frame and bodywork often need a lot of attention to make them fit together. We have even heard that you have to cut most of the floor struts off and refit them.
The advantage of buying a complete scooter is that you know that the bodywork all fits. Yes, it might need some attention but you know it will all fit back on the frame.

Most of the scooters have turning front mudguards fitted as standard. You have a choice of either keeping the front mudguard as it is as an unusual feature OR you can fit a fixed type front mudguard. Each scooter bought from us will come with a fixed mudguard included in the price so you can decide what to do.
Our supplier has left the front forks and turning front mudguard in place rather than do a rush job to change the mudguards.

The engines are all 150cc units with points type ignitions. You can expect that they will be heavily used and will require a full rebuild.
We are not in a position to take on any rebuilds at the moment but can supply the full range of parts you would need to rebuild the 150 engine or you can start from scratch and build a 200cc engine from new casings.

Each scooter will come with a dating certificate from the Lambretta Club of Great Britain which will enable you to easily register the scooter when it is finished. The scooters are all from between 1975 and 1984 so will be exempt from the rules about indicators that came in in 1984.

We have been told that the bodywork is in good condition on all the scooters which we hope will mean that they will be reasonably easy to restore, certainly easier than the average scooter found in the UK which will have years of rust on it.

We have had several queries asking if we know which scooters are made from Italian parts and which ones are early ones etc. As it stands they are INDIAN scooters and if you get one which has Italian parts on it then you can treat it as a bonus. We are unable to speculate which scooters may or may not be made from Italian parts, especially as we do not have them here to look at.


Needs some new stand feet!

Note cow in background!
Also sleeping dog on the right.

Look how bald that spare is!

That front seat doesn't look very comfy.

Front brake cable has a knot in it, interesting modification.

Interesting seat cover but otherwise a nice straight scooter.

Half a shopping basket makes a useful legshield toolbox.

Matt black special! Slacker Phil has got his eye on this one, says it will save him a few quid on paint.

Looks straight enough. Front tyre is worn right through by the looks of it.

That's a Vespa mudguard! Yes and no, the scooter is an Allwyn Pushpak and that is the mudguard that was fitted as standard. Looks OK in my book, in a 50's American car kind of way.

That's a sprint rack and a half, suitable for house removals.

Side shot of the Allwyn Pushpak, see that mudguard looks OK on there doesn't it?

This is a Vijay Super, different turning front mudguard - looks based on the Super Starstream but doesn't look out of place.

An illegal rave, where the GP's go to party hard!

Looks nice and straight.

Front mudguard looks like something has taken bite out of it but this one comes with a new one.

Bit of a custom street racer.

Interesting front rack! Not seen one in any 60's books.

Cigarette advertising on your spare wheel cover! Free mod rack with every 1000 packets?

Straight and solid looking scooter.

The cow is back! Apparently in India the cow is a sacred animal so if there is one in your way you can't shoo it out of the way, you have to wait for it to get out of the way or walk round it.

It's that Allwyn again, see you like the mudguard now don't you?